Samuel Williams

Samuel Williams

Visual and Creative Arts, Class of 2018
Graduating Student Award, Visual and Creative Arts

Untitled #3
Acrylic on canvas

Artist’s Statement

Guswenta or better known as the Two Row Wampum belt is a symbolic record of one of the first treaties made between the Ogweho:weh (original people) of Turtle Island and Europeans immigrants. The treaty was made in 1613 between the Dutch and the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois). I wanted to create this piece to show that something that may seem meaningless or simple has more meaning than you may think.


Instagram: @Ssamuelabram

You can view Samuel's work on display in our Showcases in the Trafalgar campus B wing after July 9, 2018. To submit your own work, you can find our submission form here ➡️

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