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Want to give someone a little shout out for a good deed or job well done?

Here at the SSU, we're all about empowering you, your student experience and celebrating the amazing community we have here at Sheridan!

This year, your Awareness Coordinator at Davis - Navnit - wants to put the spotlight on you and your achievements, both big and small. 

To do that, we need your help! We are asking the Sheridan community to join in celebrating each other by giving a #SheridanShoutOut to a friend, colleague or even a stranger - anyone you think deserves a pat on the back for a good deed, a special achievement, a job well done, a unique talent, a creative idea and everything in between. 

Sheridan Student Union will share submissions on our website and social media channels to encourage students to celebrate and empower each other.

You can submit here 👉 or online using the hashtag #SheridanShoutOut