Freshman 15: 15 Ways to Get Active This Semester!

15 Ways to Get Active This Semester

By: Amelia Sher - TRC Awareness Coordinator

1. Go for a walk during your breaks between classes.
2. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
3. If you're getting tired during those intense exam study sessions, go for a walk.
4. Stretch in between classes or breaks.
5. Join an intramural or recreational sports league (they are a lot of fun).
6. Hit the gym for a workout.
7. Shoot hoops with friends.
8. If your destination is close to home, walk instead of taking the bus.
9. Stretch in the morning or do yoga to have a great, active and calming start to your day.
10. Start your day with a light run and feel energized throughout your day.
11. Too busy to hit the gym? Check YouTube for some at home workouts that don’t require a lot of space or equipment.
12.  If you're looking to clear your head, go for a trail walk with a friend and take advantage of the outdoor areas around your campus.
13.  Stand up to do some of your work. Sitting for long periods of time can be hard on your body.
14. Join a class you have always been interested in - like a dance class.
15. Have fun with being active. Find adventurous activities like trampoline dodgeball, archery tag, paintball or even an escape room. 

The take away?

Students have to sit down a lot while studying or doing work. Sometimes doing a small amount of physical activity makes a big difference and can improve mood, work ethic and overall body positivity. When we are solely focused on achieving good marks, we can forget about what makes our bodies feel good. Simple activities make a big difference.

Hold up? Can we actually afford to do these things?

Well, yes you can. The Campus gym fees are included in our tuition. So hitting the campus gym is a great cost effective way to stay in shape. Also there are many daily discounts, student discounts and more around our campuses!

So, how do you stay active, Sheridan? Know some student and budget friendly activities around campus? Let me know in the comments below. 

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