Frosh Force X Recap

Frosh Force X: So lit, we needed an Open Burn Fire Permit just to talk about it.

You came, you partied, you guys showed us what Frosh is all about. Back when we were planning this, we couldn’t have even imagined what the turnout was going to be. FROSH was so amazing, we need to recap.

To start, we need to talk about a Sheridan first. We had our first outdoor Desi Festival! It was one of our biggest events to date, and the crowd lived up to that. To top it off, I literally had the best Roti of my life (and I’m using literally correctly here, as it was literally the BEST roti I have ever had!) When Fetah Doe came on stage, and I heard the crowd erupt like we were at Coachella. It was amazing to be able to host that kind of event for our students. We are so glad you had a good time!

Now we move on to Ships and Giggles…that was a joyride. The night of the event, the weather wasn't working with us. But we all piled on to the boat, and guess what? It was still lit! We had a blast in the rain until it stopped and then we cruised around Toronto, enjoying every second of it! Not to mention, one of our very own Sheridan students happened to be a DJ and we allowed her to take over the DJ booth. That’s when night really took off! She had all the right tracks and played it at all the right times. Her name, you ask? Ironically, it was Destiny! 

Can we all talk about Arkham Pub for a minute?! That was honestly my favourite pub night that I have ever been to at Sheridan! And trust me, I go to them all. That night was so amazing! Caged performers, balloon drops, glow-in-the-dark paint, Harley Quinn. Needless to say, The Marquee was packed and everyone was having a great time. 

It is truly rewarding to see events that we planned, come to life. Imagining people having a terrific time is one thing, but watching it all come together is a beautiful feeling.

Finally, Mother Mother. Oh, the Mother Mother concert! How lit was that? So lit, cavemen would have used it for warmth. So lit, we need an Open Burn Fire Permit just to talk about it. So lit, they came back on stage just to keep the party going.

 I know it’s cliche to say that it was the fans that made the show, but it's the truth. Thank you to each and every Sheridan student who came out that night. You made the experience even better! 

Honestly, we couldn’t have asked for this year’s Frosh to be more successful. It’s hard to always appeal to everyone, but we take student representation seriously and try to have the highest amount of variety that we can. That’s why this year we were able to reach out to the most students we ever had! Over 4000 students came to our Frosh this year! That’s not even including our paint party.

So, from all three Events Coordinators, thanks for making this the best Frosh we’ve ever had and if we have anything to say about it, next year is going to be even better! ;) If you have any ideas or suggestions for what you would like to see next, let us know! 

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The Three Amigos
Akil McKenzie - Events Coordinator, TRC
Karlo Galang - Events Coordinator. HMC
Brendan Hall-Hern - Events Coordinator, DAV