Top 5 Reasons to Vote!

Top Five Reasons to Vote

from your Davis EVP and Clubs Coordinator

1)    You have an opinion! If you don't vote for your own interests, who will?

If students don’t vote, then students are not well represented in the decision making process. Without voting, your opinion becomes lost in a suggestion pile!  When you vote you ensure that your interests are met.

2)    You are directly impacted by those elected!

It might not seem like it, but if you take the shuttle bus, go to any of our events, are a part of a club, use our health and dental plan, or even get a student agenda, you are actively participating in the services that the SSU provides! All SSU initiatives are organized and lead by students in some way or another. Break the "No one cares" millennial mold! The Board of Directors play an important role because the decisions they make determine what goals the SSU will pursue. 

3)    Hold SSU accountable to the student voice!

By voting, there is more awareness of our student lead organization! Higher voter turnout gives a more meaningful representation of the student voice. The SSU should be held accountable to the student voice, and their decisions should reflect the opinions and interests of students!

4)    Because you want to be informed!

 Learn more about what the board does to understand why it is important to vote. By researching your candidates you can make an informed vote! Watch this video to find out more about what the board does.

5)    Use your Voice!

You can still make change by voting for a student leader if you don’t have time to run as a BOD (board of director) yourself. This can also show that you care about your student community and that you want to make a difference!  You can build a relationship with your school by connecting those who can make a change.

Don’t forget to vote! – February 21 & 22 at all three campuses!

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