Treat Yo' Self

Treat Yo’ Self: A quick guide to self-care

By: Duaa Zaheer, Awareness Coordinator – TRC

The phrase “Treat Yo’ Self” has become an iconic symbol for self-care and well… treating yourself. But what qualifies as “self-care”? Short answer: anything that makes you happy. But I know it can get a little more complicated than that.

“Treat Yo’ Self”, as far as I know, comes from one of my favourite TV shows; Parks and Recreation. Whenever I would get sad or stressed, I would just put on an episode of Parks and Rec and let my worries disappear. Until I would realize that I binged an entire season and wasted my entire day. Is that self-care?



I think self-care and its meaning are subjective. To one person, self-care might mean distraction, something to take their mind off of all the stress and anxiety in their lives. In that case, yes. Watching an entire season of your favourite TV show to distract yourself could be considered self-care. To others, self-care might mean working towards the goal of becoming better. Some studies have shown that exercise reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression over time. So, weekly jogs and yoga could fall under the self-care umbrella. It’s all subjective.


However, I think many of us, myself included, use self-care as an excuse to participate in activities that may make us feel good in the moment but won’t benefit us in the long run.

Take retail-therapy as an example. Whenever I would fall into a pit of depression, I’d snatch up my credit card, go to the mall, and buy a bunch of clothes that made me feel and look good. Is that wrong? No. However, the feeling of happiness and confidence would pass quickly and I’d be back where I started. 


We have to learn to find the balance between doing things we love and doing things that will benefit us. I just started doing yoga in September. I used to think that doing yoga and meditating was a bunch of nonsense and that it wouldn’t do anything to cure my depression. I’m happy to say that I was proven wrong. Over 4 months, I could definitely see change in myself both physically and emotionally. I could finally (almost) touch my toes! I thought that was such an accomplishment. I also felt more at peace. My thoughts weren’t always jumbling around in my head. I became better at managing my stress. I wanted more people to feel this way. Thus, I decided to hold another yoga session at the Marquee (TRC). This one is glow-in-the-dark themed for extra fun. Stop on by on February 13th at 8PM to treat yo’ self to a night of free, glow-in-the-dark yoga. You might even go home with a special water bottle. Self-care is about doing what you love. Self-care is about trying new things. Self-care is about becoming a better version of yourself.

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