10 Ways to Get Organized This Year

Organization can benefit you in all aspects of life, whether it is school, business or personal purposes. It has been proven to increase productivity, boost your energy, lead to eating better, getting better sleep habits and reduce stress, which in doing so, makes us lead happier, more fulfilled lives. Yet, many people go on with their days with all their belongings in a mess and disorganized. This is why I will be listing 10 ways you can stay organized everywhere from the office to your home.

Here are 10 ways you can get organized this year: 

1.) Plan for Success

Develop a specific plan you wish to reach, make sure it’s measurable and attainable, map out how to go about achieving the said goal, give yourself a time frame in which it should be achieved and then lastly, make sure you act on it.

2.) Make your bed when you wake up

Completing a task as simple as this has a lot more weight to it than you might think. By making your bed first thing in the morning, you immediately already have completed a task, no matter how small. In doing so, it motivates you to keep up the good work and sets the mood for your day.

3.) Clean up/declutter your workspace (desktop, etc.)

Often times people will get side-tracked, discouraged or lazy when they see a work space that is a mess and visually unappealing. Thus, by having a neat place, it increases the chances of you focusing on your goals.

4.) Update your planner/to do list

By updating your planner, you know what is coming up and thus what needs your attention more than others. By prioritizing tasks, you are able to focus the appropriate time and energy to what needs to be done immediately.

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5.) Get up to date with emails

You will increase the risk of missing valuable information from work or on events outside of the office if you are behind in checking your emails. Not to mention, the emails will pile up fast! So by the time you do read through them, you may feel overwhelmed and discouraged.

6.) Get rid of or donate things you don’t use

If it’s been 6-12 months or so and you no longer like or use your belongings, such as clothes, technology, equipment, tools, etc., you should get rid of it or donate it. This will help avoid stuff from simply taking up space and collecting dust while making room for more useful items.

7.)  Sort "like" objects together

Another great way to stay organized is to group similar things together and even labelling them if you would like or colour coordinating them. This will help you find what you’re looking for more easily. Not to mention, help you feel better knowing everything is nice and orderly.

8.) Use a journal or notepad

Some people are visual learners or tend to be forgetful, especially if there is a lot on their plate. That’s why having a journal/ notepad helps out in that regard while also having you stay organized.

9.) Buy less stuff

Sometimes, the best way to be organized is by keeping and buying only what is necessary as things can easily become cluttered and damper your spirits when you are living in a messy area.

10.) Dedicate 10-15 minutes/day towards organization

By regularly making strides to be organized on a daily basis, you will remain in a proper mindset that will help you focus and achieve your goals. Also, it will save you down the road from having to do anything from sort through items or clean up spaces all at once.

Hopefully, some of these tips and tricks will be used and prove to be just what you needed to add to your lifestyle! Feel free to add to the list or let us know which organizational tip helped you produce some wonderful results in a comment below!


Navnit is an Office Administration student from our Davis campus. She is also the Student Union Awareness Coordinator for the Davis campus this year.

Her goal is to truly impact the Sheridan student community in a positive way through her initiatives this year. 

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