Ten Reasons to Join The Board of Directors

By: Ben LeBlanc - Vice Chair, Sheridan Student Union Board of Directors

By: Ben LeBlanc - Vice Chair, Sheridan Student Union Board of Directors

Whether you’re a new or returning student, I would like to welcome you to the 2016-2017 school year at Sheridan on behalf of the SSU Board of Directors. My name is Ben LeBlanc, and I am the Vice-Chairman of the Board this year.

With the By-Elections for the Board right around the corner, I am sure that many students have questions as to what exactly the Board does. I wanted to help answer those questions, and to provide those interested in running some benefits of being a Director. With that being said, here are...

10 reasons to join the board of Directors:

1.     Represent your fellow students

As a Director, you have the opportunity to serve as a voice for student concerns, questions and feedback, and be able to make a meaningful difference as a result. While we do constantly involve ourselves with the Sheridan community to gain insight into student life, this is not all we do. The Board of Directors has many other important responsibilities as well (keep reading)!

2.     Develop leadership skills

Being a member of the Board is a great way to further your leadership skills, as they are frequently used while being a Director. Whether it’s providing strategic direction to the SSU, or presenting your ideas to the Board, there are many opportunities to grow your skills.

3.     Expand your Network

Building important relationships is a great asset to you on your career path, and in this role, you will find that you will be meeting new people all the time. You will be in constant contact with those in the SSU, staff and faculty at Sheridan, and community members, who may open doors down the road!

4.     Engage with diverse groups of students

This is a great way to meet students from different campuses, all of whom have different needs, wants, and interests. Being able to make decisions that take all into account is a task of every director and adds immense value to life at Sheridan.

5.     Create positive change

Being on the Board allows students to make significant decisions and work on projects that will impact the lives of current and future students here at Sheridan.

6.     Enhance soft skills

The role of Director is a great way to enhance a variety of soft skills, such as communication, critical thinking and time management. These critical skills are all things that are not easily taught, but can be developed through experience!

7.     Work closely with the SSU

Being a Director is a great way to be closely involved with the SSU. The Board represents the voice of students within the corporation, and provides direction to the SSU surrounding what students want. We are the link! This flow of communication not only serves our students, but also keeps you, as a Director, ‘in-the-know’ on a variety of SSU related events and initiatives, so you can be a part of them!

8.     Learn more about yourself

Being involved with students provides a new perspective on a variety of issues, and may even help you uncover new interests. You are also able to learn what type of leader you are, and how best to work with other people, which is always helpful to be aware of.

9.     Make your resume stand out!

Serving on the Board is a great way to make your resume the one recruiters reach for. You will be working for an NFP (Not-for-Profit) corporation that provides you with a lot of responsibility, as well as many opportunities for professional and personal growth.

10.  Have fun!

While being a Director requires a level of professionalism, and is sometimes a big job, that definitely does not mean that it is dull; there is plenty of fun to be had on the Board!

Now that you know a little bit more about the Sheridan Student Union’s Board of Directors, I hope to see your name on our candidates list for our upcoming By-elections! For more information, please check out our Voting Page.