The Making of Frosh Force X

The Making of Frosh

By Akil McKenzie & Karlo Galang


Once you get there, it’s amazing. It’s tons of fun, everyone’s happy, everyone’s turnt, it’s a great time! Getting to that point though…that’s where the real fun is. Imagine having to pick an artist to bring to the school, but finding out most of them aren’t available. Ha…haha….ha…. #dreamcrusher It’s what the Events department lives for!

After choosing our theme, we have to focus on the actual logistics of Frosh. Event ideas, event execution, event décor, and of course…pricing. You’d be surprised how much things actually cost. As a department, we are always trying to keep student representation as our first priority. With this being said, having to pick artists or events are always difficult because we have to appeal to the majority of students…especially since it’s our student fees going towards these events.

Then comes the rest of our planning process! We have to reach out to multiple companies and organizations in order to find supplies and equipment. Let’s say we were doing something with paint, nudge, nudge. wink, wink, we’d have to get permits, check off everything with health and safety, get security, and then performers and so on. We try to make sure all events stay true to our theme visually and thematically. From balloons, to DJs, to the swag given away. Everything is carefully planned so that our entire Frosh experience is as live as it could possibly be. 

The fun part about Frosh, though, is the meaning behind our creation. We’re aware that some of the most memorable parts of the college experience are the events that we attend. When we talk to people from other schools, one of the first things we mention about our school are the events we have. With that in mind, we do our best to make sure that each event we bring to you during Frosh is an enriching and memorable experience. 

Long story short… we worked hard on this, okay!? So, in the middle of turning up and having the time of your life… turn around on the dance floor and give SSU a thumbs up…cause’ we bring this together for the students at Sheridan college. But we also get a kick out of it too!

Cheers and stay lit,
Karlo & Akil