"I'm in my third year at Sheridan. Had I known that the strike was potential before this semester began, I would've taken the year off. In late August, there was some serious family issues happening in my life. I was also diagnosed with a life long disease. I considered taking the year off, but decided that I would push through with only two years to go. I decided I would find a balance because school was important to me. Now, after five weeks of waiting to hear SOMETHING concrete, I simply wish I had withdrew from the program for the year and focused on my family and my own health. My financial status is a nightmare. No one will hire you full time for an unknown amount of time. It is not like we can go get a job until the strike is over. It is not possible to work more than I am. One of my main jobs is working for the school and my hours have been slashed due to the strike. On top of this, like many, I wouldn't live in Oakville if it weren't for school. I have now wasted a month's worth of rent. I feel especially empathetic for our international students who's only purpose here IS school! This decision was something students got no say in, nor were prepared for, and are facing the severe consequences. At this point, no solution looks positive. Whatever the outcome may be, someone will be negatively affected on a LARGE scale. This is not a small inconvenience. The thing is, I LOVE my professors - I constantly brag that they are one of the best parts of Sheridan and my program. I feel that the majority of my profs deeply care about my work and my success. It's been like that since first year. However, it definitely is becoming more and more apparent that college is a business, and making money comes first - off the students, off the profs, off everyone. Come to an agreement already. Like many, I'm ready to drop this year."