"At first the strike was like having a reading week especially considering York doesn't have an actually Fall reading week. They're striking for a reason and I completely support the faculty in this. That being said entering its 5th week the strike has gone on for far too long. It has already been made very clear that if it ends soon and we do go back we will be having classes until December 22nd and most likely resuming January 2nd to finish the term. Not only does this mean that I will be worrying about final assignments and tests over the Christmas break, I might not even be able to go home and see my family at all this holiday. The cost of booking travel has already greatly gone up and the chance of me getting a flight that late in December is very low. Christmas is one out of 2 short times a year that I am able to go home. And since it is my last year and I will be graduating and looking for work this summer, who knows when I will be able to see my family again. On top of all of this, there is the fear of the term being canceled (honestly I wish they would just tell us if it was or not so I can go home). In this case, everything gets pushed back. Meaning my second term might be pushed into the Summer. My OSAP already barely covers my tuition of $10,000+ along with my living costs and although I do work 2 jobs (while trying to keep up with all my school work) It's barely enough to get through 8 months of school and living expenses. If it's pushed into the summer I really don't think I can afford the rent or anything else along with the tuition again. With all this going on it really feels like the colleges don't even care their students are suffering so much. They say our education is their priority but it is only their top priority in the fact that it makes them money. Sure if the term is lost they will have to refund us but I'm sure they will find some corporate loophole so they don't have to refund us the full amount we paid. And even if they did we still have to pay for all the extra time spent here. The extra fees it will cost in travel. The extra rent for having to be here longer. I ask the colleges to work with the Union to end this strike so we can get back to class so we do not lose any more time and can finish the term."