"It has made me less inclined to speak highly of colleges in Ontario. I have honestly become so unmotivated with regards to school it’s unbelievable. My loyalty to Sheridan alone has deteriorated. I was supposed to graduate this year, how am I supposed to remember college now? I was off for a month, one month in the big scheme of life isn’t much. One month at this age, at the stage in my life is a long time, especially when It has such an impact on my future. It may be selfish of me to say, but this stupid strike has had such negative impact on my life. It makes me wish I just went to University like I planned to. At least then I’d be getting the education I pay for. I worked long hard hours to make the money to pay for school, but that doesn’t matter to anyone. All the student that need to pay off loans now for an education they haven’t received. It’s pathetic. "