"I’m currently in my 4th term for the Architectural Technology Program at Fanshawe College. Since the strike started it has been extremely difficult to keep up with my studies only because my program has no texts where I can study the materials. Our professors post everything on FOL as the week goes on, due to this I have no materials to study from. We have projects in Design that we can work on but without verification that I’m doing it right and some feedbacks, it’s no help to keep continuing. We need our professors to keep teaching their students and guide us without them we are lost and won’t be prepared for the real world! At this point, I feel that we are in too deep with the strike that writing off the semester would be better than going back. Cutting our Christmas is not fair, extending our Fall term into winter will delay my coop start date, and it’ll be too much to catch up on work that I feel it will be too much and overwhelming and it will cause even more stress. This program is tough enough with all the projects we have to submit on a weekly basis now it’s going to be condensed, students in this program will have lack of sleep because they will be pulling all-nighters to submit the projects on time. This strike has caused me so much stress, please just end this and start fresh! "