Ancillary Fee Changes for September 2019

Earlier this year, the Ontario Government announced a 10% reduction to college and university tuition fees, along with the ‘Student Choice Initiative’, which enables students to opt out of paying certain ancillary or incidental fees covering a range of services.

To help you understand these services and how they benefit your #SheridanLife experience, we’ve broken down how they work and what’s included below:

Sheridan Student Union (SSU) Student Life - $28.25 per semester

The SSU provides student-centric programming and initiatives across all three Sheridan campuses to enhance the student experience.  This fee supports the SSU’s operation and provides additional perks, including pre-sales for SSU concerts, free admission to pub nights, discounts on food purchased at SSU venues, access to SSU’s equipment loan and binding services, and support for student academic appeals and concerns.

SSU Clubs - $10.00 per semester

Joining or starting a club is a great way to meet new friends, develop or explore new interests, and enhance your SheridanLife.  This fee supports club growth and development, staffing and promotional supports, and the oversight of the more than 100 clubs that are currently operating at Sheridan. 
Learn more about how to discover clubs by clicking here:

SSU Foodbank - $5.00 per semester

This service helps you access food and other essentials when you need it most. Through this service, you can support each campus food bank where every student has access to 2-3 days’ worth of non-perishable food on a monthly basis. You can even choose between vegetarian, gluten free, and dependant options.
Learn more at:

SheridanLife Radio - $5.00 per semester

SheridanLife Radio is our campus radio station, run by students for students.  They broadcast original features, podcasts and live shows produced by students from every corner of our campuses. Through this service you can support and continue to enjoy the student voice on campus.
To tune in, or learn more visit:

Student Refugee Program - $1.50 per semester

This program is run by World University Service of Canada, a non-profit organization that offers refugee youth both post-secondary and resettlement opportunities. For less than the cost of a small coffee, you can support another student’s opportunity for resettlement, education, and the chance to take part in the SheridanLife.

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