Ohana Means Family

Ohana Means Family.
And family means nobody gets left behind.

By: Karlo Galang

Growing up I didn’t have a lot. My parents were in school, just like we are. Balancing school, family, and other obligations is an act not everyone is able to do. With the holidays coming up, I’m reminded of what my parents were able to do for me during this time. House over my head, food on the table and a gift in my hands - which I knew they couldn’t afford. 

The goal of the Student Union is to enhance the student experience for ALL of our students. This means we have events and programming for EVERYONE. If you are a student second and a parent/guardian FIRST, the event coming up is for you. 

With you in mind, and your kids as a priority, we’re hosting a Holiday Party for you and your kids on Saturday, December 10th 2016. This is our second annual Family Holiday Party and it was so successful last year that we had to bring it back again. The positive energy, lifted spirits and happy faces on our staff, kids and families made this one my favourite events we do all year.  

We understand getting your kids ready and driving far on a Saturday morning can be difficult. With this in mind, we’re hosting this event both in The Den (Brampton) and The Marquee (Oakville) and you may go to whichever event works best for you and your family. 

The entire event was designed and created with your kids in mind. We’re going to have arts and crafts, live sing-alongs, cookie decorating, pictures with Santa and a gift from the jolly old man himself. We're even throwing in a gift for every child! All this is brought to you free of charge by the Sheridan Student Union.

Register online by December 5th, 2016 to reserve your spot. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Karlo Galang 

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