Freshman 15: Ways to Add More Fruits & Veggies Into Your Diet

As students, we don’t really have all the time in the world to plan out ways we can work fruit into our meals. So let this list be a starting point. We also are on the go A LOT, with just a few minutes of working fruit into our grocery list we can make sure we have quick healthy snacks on the go. There are so many nutrients’ in fruit that a lot of us are missing out on.  Take as many small and simple steps to feeling healthy and happy as possible. Let it start with fruit. 


Oh but Amelia, Fruit is so expensive these days. 

Yes, fellow student, it is. So take advantage of using the student discount offered on Tuesdays at the superstore. In Oakville. 

Also look into an SPC card for discounts and points at places like Booster Juice.  Or if you’re at the Davis Campus hit up No-frills for your student discount. Another great way to save money on your groceries as a whole is to price match! Make it easy by downloading a price match app like FlPP. 

And how do I work in those extra veggies?


The take away?

There are so many ways to work eating veggies into your diet, without just eating only veggies.

 A Little bit can go a long way and improve energy and efficacy levels. Veggies are a great snack on the go or can be hidden easily. 

They are also pretty expensive, any tips for that?

Yes, yes there are. During the summer months, you can try to go to a local farmers’ market for better prices and bulk veggies. During the school year take advantage of your student discounts on Tuesday nights. And if you see you’re not going to eat all of your veggies pop them into a zip-lock bag and take the air out of the bag and then pop them into the freezer for the following week. This will also help cut down costs on the following trip to the grocery store. 

- Amelia Sher