Meet Karlo, your HMC Event Coordinator

Karlo Galang
HMC Events Coordinator, Sheridan Student Union

Hi (Friends, Buddies, Pals), my name is (Karlo, Karl, Karl Oliver) Galang and I’m the Events Coordinator for Sheridan Student Union. This is going to be my third year working for the SSU and I’m very thrilled to be here. I’m going into my (last, final, best) year of the Marketing program over at the HMC campus.

Some things you should know about me: 

I love laughing. (Have you ever met someone who hated laughing?)
I like going out and staying in. (What does this even mean?)
I’m a Gym Rat. (100%, definitely pick this one)
I don’t watch television. (Netflix)
I’m really funny. (LOL)

Awesome! Now it’s time for some plugs and where to find me!

If you genuinely want to get to know me, add me on Snapchat (@BigFatKaro)! Here you’ll find poor quality photos of food, me catching Pokémon, excessive selfies, & catching more Pokémon!

Find me in the gym lifting weights (GAINS) or playing basketball (BALL IS LIFE). At night you’ll probably find me dancing at the pub nights and concerts that we host. Actually, you’ll probably find me dancing wherever you see me. Feel free to stop me in the hallways to come say hi!

You can also find me online playing video games. I’m a low-key (or high-key at this point) nerd. I live in my mother’s basement and play video games until the early morning. Just living THE DREAM. Add me on Steam, Battle.Net and LoL if you want to join me on my adventures.

In all seriousness I’m really looking forward to the upcoming year and getting to know as many people as possible. I’m your contact for all things entertainment.  I promise we’ll have an amazing year together.

Your friendly neighbourhood coordinator,

Karlo Galang