Full-Time Staff Directory

Leadership & GOVERNANCE

Jamie King General Manager
x 2303
Jamie is responsible responsible for SSU’s operational, corporate and financial oversight, managing a team that is charged with undertaking the day-to-day operations of SSU...read more.

Sawssan Matar - Senior Manager, Human Resources
x 2307
Sawssan is responsible for the planning, development and evaluation of all human resource-related activities for all SSU employees. ...read more

Laura DiViestiSpecial Projects Coordinator
x 5915
Laura works closely with the SSU Board of Directors, SSU President and Sheridan College administration to coordinate a number of projects with the goal of improving life for students across all three Sheridan campuses...read more.


Amanda Bhajan - Senior Manager, Services
x 5720
Amanda assist with coordinating our Customer Service Representatives, across all 3 campuses & helps manage our students services... read more

Salma Gabelnour - Assistant Manager, Services
x 8356
Salma's role is to make sure students across all three campuses are getting immediate and full access to our SU services... read more. 

Chloe Naftel - Clubs Support Manager, Services
x 8163
I am the clubs support manager for all three campuses; assisting and guiding the clubs coordinators... read more

Programming & EVENTS

Danny Connelly  - Senior Manager, Programming & Events
Danny is responsible for the strategic direction of the Events department and oversees the operations of all events on campus. He is in charge of planning and executing all aspects of student life programming and the management of the Events & Tech Teams at all three campuses....read more.

Marketing, Communications & Creative 

Mia Fatrdla  - Senior Manager, Marketing, Communications & Creative
x 2305
Mia is responsible for the strategic direction of the Marketing, Communications & Creative department and oversees all aspects of marketing, creative, public relations, and digital communications ... read more

Ryan MacDonald  - Manager, Creative
x 2015
Ryan is responsible for managing and leading our Design, Video and Photography teams ... read more 

Claudia Santos - Marketing and Communications Coordinator
x 5317
Claudia is responsible for leading and overseeing the Marketing Team and Sheridan Student Union’s social media ... read more 

Operations & Food Services

Dan Casey - Senior Manager, Operations & Hospitality
x 2050
Dan is responsible for all day-to-day planning, management, & execution of our Student Union Food & Beverage operations at our TRC & Davis Student Centres ... read more

Adam Koch - Kitchen Manager, Trafalgar
x 7024
Adam is responsible for the planning and managing our Student Union Food operations at our Trafalgar campus. ... read more

Robert Zatulsky - Food & Beverage Manager, Trafalgar
x 5548
Rob is responsible the maintenance and management of our Student Union Food & Beverage operations at our Trafalgar campus.... read more

Maria D'Ovidio - Kitchen Manager, Davis
x 5913
Maria is responsible for the planning and managing our Student Union Food operations at our Davis campus.... read more

Jas Bajwa - Food & Beverage Manager, Davis
Jas is responsible the maintenance and management of our Student Union Food & Beverage operations at our Davis campus..... read more


Hanh Ngo  - Senior Manager, Finance
x 2083
Hanh is responsible for planning, budgeting, accounting and risk management for all financial operations.... read more

Joyce Wang - Senior Finance Coordinator
x 4350
Joyce works closely with the Senior Finance Manager to support effective decision making through use of financial information and analysis… read more.

Neha KaleemFinance & HR Associate
x 2300
Neha is responsible for all accounts payable and accounts receivable. 
... read more

Contact Us Directly! 

Trafalgar (Oakville) Campus

1430 Trafalgar Road
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
L6H 2L1
905.845.9430 x 2304
Hours of Operation: 9am - 5:00 p.m.

HMC (Mississauga) Campus

4180 Duke of York Boulevard (A308)
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
L5B 0G5
905.845.9430 or 905.459.7533 x 2335
Hours of Operation: 9am - 5:00 p.m.
Email: ssui.hmc@sheridancollege.ca

Davis (Brampton) Campus

7899 McLaughlin Road
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
L6Y 5H9
905.459.7533 x 5005
Hours of Operation: 9am - 5:00 p.m.
Email: ssui.dav@sheridancollege.ca