Claudia Santos


Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Ext: 5317

Claudia is responsible for leading and overseeing the Marketing Team, and the creation of communications messaging and social media content.

Claudia is a former journalism and publishing grad, who is an absolute word nerd - think word jumbles, crossword puzzles, and word searches. She's looking forward to engaging with different groups, and helping to facilitate content and marketing plans that resonate with broad student audiences.

Chloe Naftel


Clubs Support Manager 

Ext: 8163

I am the clubs support manager for all three campuses; assisting and guiding the clubs coordinators with all club related activities throughout the year. I look forward to engaging the students of Sheridan through clubs and seeing the clubs at all three campuses thrive and grow to allow all Sheridan students to have an amazing college experience.

Tristan Paul

Special Projects Coordinator 

Ext: 5915

I've been really fortunate to have had the opportunity to give back to my surrounding community through various initiatives focused on leadership development, promoting student success in post secondary education, and improving student life. I'm really excited to continue that work with the SSU as the Special Projects Coordinator. In this role, I'll work closely with the SSU Board of Directors, SSU President and Sheridan College administration to coordinate a number of projects with the goal of improving life for students across all three Sheridan campuses.

Meaghan Little


Senior Finance Coordinator

Ext: 4350

"As the Senior Finance Coordinator, my responsibilities include processing all part-time payroll and completing day-to-day accounting functions. This includes reconciling the bank, providing managers with month-end reports, processing journal entries, submitting monthly and annual remittances/returns, writing Finance Policies/Procedures, and managing the cell phone contract."

Ryan MacDonald

Manager, Creative

Ext: 2015

"As the Manager of Creative my team and I design, print, animate, record, digitize, deliver, (the list goes on) content for the SSU. If it looks cool chances are we’ve had our hands on it. And if it doesn’t look cool well that was probably us too, nobody’s perfect yah know?

It’s my responsibility to lead by example, inspire by example, and create an environment that is encouraging to experimentation/exploration in design and what it can achieve. I’m also always trying to give my team a working environment similar to any other professional in-house experience so they can grow up to be stable, functional, professionals <3" 

Hanh Ngo

Senior Manager, Finance
Ext: 2083

"I am responsible for overseeing the finance, accounting, payroll and human resource functions of the Sheridan Student Union.  I help to ensure that the Financial and Human Resource information, practices and policies of the SSUI are in compliance with current government legislations and generally accepted accounting principles.  My responsibilities also include preparing the financial statements for upper management to review the financial position of the SSUI, preparing annual budget and monitoring expenses, processing payroll for full time employees, filing government year-end returns, keeping track of capital assets, working with external auditors and reviewing finance and human resource policy and procedures. "

Jamie King

General Manager

Ext: 2303

"As General Manager I am the organization’s top administrator for a staff of nearly 250, reporting directly to our President.  I am responsible for SSU’s operational, corporate and financial oversight, managing a team that is charged with undertaking the day-to-day operations of SSU.  Reporting through the President, I am the administration’s most direct link to the elected student board, and I work closely with them as well to ensure continuity, legislative compliance, and the achievement of board goals. "

Danny Connelly

Senior Manager, Programming & Events 

Ext: 5919

"As the Assistant Manager, Programming Position I assist the Programming Manager with all Student Related Events within the Sheridan Student Union. I help with planning and executing large and small scale events throughout the school year. I am responsible for the management of the Events Team Members for all three campus locations and providing them effective guidance and leadership throughout the year. My role engages and reaches out to students throughout the college for specific programming requests and I am a key member of the Marketing, Communications and Programming Department assisting with any other tasks at hand including promotions, marketing, etc." 

Sawssan Matar

Senior Manager, Human Resources

Ext: 2307

"I manage and maintain all SU full and part time employees' records, provide full HR support to our staff, listen and address any staff complaints or concerns, work closely with managers to recruit new hires, provide workplace policies, trainings, and guidelines to regulate day-to-day business in addition to take all necessary measurements to ensure the health and safety of our employees."

Dan Casey

Senior Manager, Operations & Hospitality

Ext: 2050

"I look after all day-to-day planning, management, and execution of our Student Union Food & Beverage operations at our Trafalgar and Davis Student Centres. In conjunction with the Food & Beverage and Kitchen Managers, I work to develop menus, catering programs, and development opportunities for our staff in order to provide exceptional products and services for the Sheridan community. Our operations (The Marquee, The Den, Union Burrito, Union Fresh, CoffeeLoft, and Bruin Coffeehouse) our led by students and for students. Myself and my team act as coaches and mentors for over 140 part time student staff at both campuses." 

Jenna Pulver

Leadership and Engagement Coordinator
Ext: 5937

"I work with our student leaders to develop new opportunities for students to become engaged including volunteering, coop and placement opportunities and leadership development. I work to provide and evaluate our training to Student Union employees and leaders to make sure they have all the resources they need. I also act as the liaison with the college to build partnerships and new projects."

Fawzia Hasan

Senior Manager, Services


"As a Services Manager, my role is to evaluate our current services and research new services that would be of interest to all of our Sheridan Students regardless of which campus they study at. I also help to manage Clubs and Associations through supporting our Clubs Coordinators that are at each of the campuses."

Amanda Bhajan

Assistant Services Manager

Ext: 5720

"I assist with coordinating our Customer Service Representatives, across all 3 campuses, who provide assistance to students who visit our SSU office. We deal with front-line questions and inquiries and provide a number of services, including poster approval, binding services, faxing, information about clubs, the student health and dental plan, and our emergency food resource."

Adam Koch

Kitchen Manager at Trafalgar
Ext: 7024

"I'm not a chef. I'm a blender surgeon. I'm an amateur plumber. I fix oven door handles. I am a renegade chemist. I'm a big brother. I'm a collector of half-drank coffee cups. I'm a disposal mechanism for plating mistakes. I'm the MacGuyver of leftovers. I'm a soup sorcerer. I find things in the fridge that we "definitely don't have any more of". I can't remember why I came around the corner, but I can re-call the last 43 chits. I count my life in produce orders. I plan my weeks around sampling meetings and office time. I never answer my phone. I never call in sick. I would go through the wall for my staff, and I expect the same of them for me. I trust them. I have no idea how I ended up in this industry, but I love it, and I wouldn’t change a thing about my career path." 

Jas Bajwa

Food and Beverage Manager at Davis
Ext: 5321

" As the Food and Beverage Manager my job is to provide our students with a fun and exciting dining experience while maintaining a great relationship with existing staff, students and suppliers. I am responsible for the consistent standards of service delivered to our customers within the SSUI's food & beverage outlets. I also oversees the overall operation and inventory of the storerooms, liquor control rooms, and refrigerators as per company´s instruction, including but not limited to rotation, preparation, and ordering. I report and approve all schedules for my staff keeping in mind the daily, weekly and monthly sales goals and targets being mindful of overtime hours and scheduling those figures to official budgets. I am to report all and any of my findings, operations and control reports directly to the Senior Operations Manager." 

Rob Zatulsky

Food and Beverage Manager at Trafalgar
Ext: 5548

"All things Marquee. I order in the delicious beverages that are consumed. I hire, schedule and train the wonderful staff that serve you said delicious beverages. I am a problem solver, random fact historian, decision maker, recreational fist bumper, conversation starter, listener, channel changer, order maker, order taker, maintenance man and sometimes I get to fill in shifts on the bar. I am a guy that really loves his job, his coworkers and most of all the patrons!"

Maria D'Ovidio


Kitchen Manager at Davis
Ext: 5913

"Any food you have coming out of SSU operations I had a hand in.......metaphorically of course. Everything from menu development in BCH, UF or The Den, catering, working the line slinging food to the masses, being in the outlets serving customers or washing dishes. I hire & train staff to make sure that you are getting the food you are supposed to the way you are supposed to get it. So if you see me walking around, say hello and let me know how we are doing. Talk about the menus, your experience in our outlets & if you have any suggestions let me know. My door is always open.....again, metaphorically of course."