Freshman 15: The 45/15 Rule

Ahhh, do you know what time of year it is? Fall is back, the leaves are in the air, your pumpkin spice latte in hand. You maybe have even gone apple picking or carved yourself a nice pumpkin already. Have you made a pie yet? Your right in the middle of your semester and just can’t wait for Reading Week to be…..OH MY GOD. I forgot. MIDTERMS!!!!!

It’s okay, breathe! Don’t panic. Midterms are in the air, that text book you left unopened is now calling (more like screaming) your name, your empty notebook is begging to be filled? All of the fun seems like it's okay and now your stressed. But it will all be okay.

When you realize that you ACTUALLY have to study for a change, but are struggling to make it through cramming, check out this list to help you pull through.  We are all in this together. 

This, my friends and panicked peers, is the 45/15 rule. 

When you are studying, it can be easy to burn out, so get up and get active for your 15 minute break. For every 45 minutes you are studying, try one of these for 15. 

  1. Watch a tutorial on YouTube, and get some inspo. on the different workouts you can do from your desk.
  2. Stop chugging back those energy drinks and make yourself a smoothie! Check below for the yummiest smoothie that will also boost your energy (you will need a blender or magic bullet).
  3. Get up and stretch for 5 minutes to feel a little bit rejuvenated. Shake it off too. Put on some beats and just move around. You will feel so much better! 
  4. Cut some lemon and put it into cold water for a little citrus energy boost.
  5. Get up and get energized by making a quick and healthy snack. (Apples and peanut butter is delish and a very fast snack to make)
  6. If you're on campus doing the 9-5 study grind, hit up the Coffee Loft or Bruin Coffeehouse for a coffee, tea, latte and quick snack. This place is really a hidden Gem ☺ 
  7. If your cramming and have no idea where to start, enter a group chat with your friends and find out what they have been studying as well. This can keep you motivated.
  8. Study with people around you if you keep getting side tracked. This really helped me because I was terrible studying solo. When I changed my environment, I was able to stay on task.
  9. Sometimes I really enjoy studying in a group or with a friend. It can really help me stay focused and also know when I need to take a break. 
  10. YOGA, YOGA, YOGA. One of the things I love to do is a little 15-minute yoga sesh. It’s the perfect inspo I need to feel good and relaxed when I am cramming for that midterm. 
  11. Meditation is a virtue. Sometimes I will just sit and close my eyes for a minute and just relax. Tune out to music or podcast for a few minutes.
  12. PIZZA break. I think that this is all about rewarding yourself. I personally will get a snack and munch it after a 45-minute study sesh. 
  13. Hit the gym. GO and sweat your worries away. Just enjoy yourself and your day. College can be super stressful and expensive. Try not to burn out. Hit the gym (FYI: it's included it most students' tuition) 
  14. Honestly, I also will go for a bike ride and it really clears my head. I really enjoy finding comfort outdoors. A walk on the trail is also really nice. 
  15. Take a few and reorganize you study space. Recollect yourself and just tidy up. This will help you clear your head and get you back in a positive head space. 

About that energy smoothie.....

What you'll need:
1 banana (sliced) 
1 cup coconut milk
1 tblspn scoop of peaunut butter
& a handful of ice

Blend and enjoy ☺

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