Ancillary Fee Changes for September 2019

Earlier this year, the Ontario Government announced a 10% reduction to college and university tuition fees, along with the ‘Student Choice Initiative’, which enables students to opt out of paying certain ancillary or incidental fees covering a range of services.

To help you understand these services and how they benefit your #SheridanLife experience, we’ve broken down how they work and what’s included below:

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U-Pass Update

Details surrounding the policy and operational guidelines for the Student Choice Initiative were released on April 1, and clearly indicate that SSU and Sheridan College may not charge a compulsory ancillary fee to support a student transit pass that did not have a “fully executed agreement” in place prior to January 17, 2019.

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President's Update: Student Choice Initiative

We have been and will continue to work with the College administration to clearly define how the “Student Choice Initiative” will affect our services and your on campus experience moving forward. As always, our goal is to advocate for your best interests, and to ensure you continue to have access to important SSU resources. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us.

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Ontario Student Fee Changes

On January 17th , the Ontario Government made sweeping and potentially disruptive announcements surrounding tuition cuts, OSAP restrictions and a “Student Choice Initiative” that could significantly affect student fees relied upon by student unions across Ontario, including Sheridan Student Union. 

As a result, this would affect student activities on our campus, and resources provided to our students. Sheridan Student Union is monitoring this situation closely and will inform our student membership as soon as further information is received.

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Welcome back to class, Sheridan! We really have missed you. 


To welcome you back and help you out with getting back into the swing of things this week, our teams have put together a few resources and activities for you: 

  1. Food First - For the next couple of weeks, you will be able to access our Food First program every 3 days! You can visit our Services page or visit any SSU office to learn more about that.
  2. Our offices will be open a bit later (9-5:30) to better assist you guys. Stop by anytime! 
  3. The Den is back up and running for you at Davis. Open 11 am daily. 


Coming up this week

Wednesday November 22

  • HMC Coffee House - We're hosting a special Coffee House session over at HMC for you to come chill, study, and listen to live music.
    • 4 PM @ HMC Caf 

Thursday November 23

  • Pancake Breakfast - We're giving away FREE pancakes in the morning at all three campuses, starting at 9, so stop by before class and enjoy! 
    • Trafalgar - The Marquee 
    • Davis - The Den 
    • HMC - SSU Clubs Room 
  • The Canadian Mental Health Association will be available so feel free to come by and chat : 

Davis - 12 -2 in the SSU Clubs Room and 5-7 at the Bruin Coffee House
Trafalgar - 12-2 in the SSU Boardroom and 5-7 in the Coffee Loft
HMC - 12-4 in the SSU Boardroom

  • Treat Yo'self - You deserve some serious pampering right about now! So we're bringing in local barbers and hair stylists to freshen up your look.
    Or come to enjoy a manicure or free massage while you sit back and watch a movie! 
    • Trafalgar - The Marquee @ 7PM 
    • Davis - The Den @ 5PM 
    • HMC - SSU Clubs Room @ 2PM 

Friday November 24

The Canadian Mental Health Association will be hosting another session at all campuses for you, so feel free to come by and chat :

Davis - 12-2 in the SSU Boardroom and 5-7 at DAV Residence
Trafalgar - 12-2 in the SSU Boardroom and 5-7 at TRC Residence
HMC - 12-4 in the SSU Boardroom

HMC -  We are having a good old-fashioned game night! Enjoy some board games and prizes at the HMC Clubs Room @ 2PM 

DAV - We know how much you guys love your ping pong! Come by The Den to de-stress or play some pool with us @ 5PM 

TRC - Peer to peer critiques are happening in The Marquee and Coffee Loft @ 7 for those of you who want that extra feedback on your assignments. 

Stay in touch with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see what else we have planned!


If you have questions about getting back on track, fee payment dates, travel accommodations financial support, etc. ➡️ Visit

We will continue to advocate for your student experience and update you with additional information and resources. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know 👇

OPSEU Strike Vote

Wednesday, October 11 Update: 

"On Tuesday, October 10, the union representing academic staff (OPSEU) rejected the colleges’ final offer of settlement. We are preparing for a strike to start on Monday, October 16. However, the colleges remain willing to meet with the union to discuss the final offer of settlement and avoid an unnecessary strike."

The Sheridan community will be notified as more information becomes available :

We are currently working on an FAQ resource for you, so please check back soon, stay tuned to our Twitter for updates or touch base with us here

Where can I find more information? 

You can visit the OPSEU website for updates or stay tuned to Sheridan College Facebook & Twitter

Frequently Asked Questions:

Check Sheridan College's website for more information and updates:

2017 Annual General Meeting Recap

With nearly 70 students in attendance, the 2016-2017 AGM was a great success, encouraging nearly three hours of valuable student feedback and engagement.

We began with an inspiring visit from Spencer West: an acclaimed Me to We keynote speaker and author. Spencer joined us to share his experience with overcoming obstacles and building community. After losing both his legs from the pelvis down at the age of five, Spencer went on to climb and summit Mount Kilimanjaro with only his hands, a wheelchair and teamwork. Spencer’s presentation was sincerely humbling and will undoubtedly remain an inspiration to all those in attendance. 

Sylvia Ibrahim - SSU President, Spencer West - Guest Speaker, Tyler Bogaert - SSU Board Chair

Sylvia Ibrahim - SSU President, Spencer West - Guest Speaker, Tyler Bogaert - SSU Board Chair

The membership then approved our 2015-16 audited statements, the 2015-2016 AGM Meeting Minutes and ratified our incoming 2016-17 board members.  Sylvia Ibrahim, President of the Student Union took the members through the operational successes, including partnerships welcoming a Syrian student in cooperation with Sheridan and World University Service of Canada, our Espresso Yourself art initiative in our coffee houses, enhanced programming at HMC, health care kiosks, our Friendship Bench initiative, our first Pride Week initiative and a planned car share program.

Our Incoming President, Enrique Ponce, was introduced and approved by the membership at the meeting, saying, “Thank you, everybody!  I’m really excited to become President.  Some of you might know me from my role as an EVP for the past few years.  I’m hoping to use that experience as President, and while I’m very familiar with HMC, I’m looking forward to taking the time to get to know the other two campuses better.

Tyler Bogaert, Chair of the Board, also presented the major accomplishments of the board over the past year, including the approval of a Student Centre in the HMC2A expansion, sustainability upgrades to the Trafalgar Student Centre, investment in the student portal to support and enhance club life, and continued investments in supporting the shuttle bus along with encouragement of a student referendum surrounding the ongoing future of this service.

Sheridan students voting on SSU by-laws at 2017 Annual General Meeting

Sheridan students voting on SSU by-laws at 2017 Annual General Meeting

Thoughtful student discussion also led to membership approval of several by-law changes including;

  • making all fee-paying Sheridan College students eligible to run for the Board of Directors, instead of just full-time students,
  • changing all bylaw language to non-gender specific language, 
  • clarifying the President’s duty to identify a process to select Board Chairs, 
  • and the Board’s right to determine how they will select a Secretary of the Board. 

I am thrilled with the exceptional turnout for the 2017 AGM, and appreciate all of the student leaders who participated in such a significant event. Our AGM is one of the most direct and impactful ways for students to participate in SSU, and I’m grateful for all those who contributed their time to join us for this important meeting.” — Sylvia Ibrahim, SSU President

Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s Annual General Meeting! For more photos of Spencer and our Annual General Meeting, click here. For more information about our Board of Directors and how to get involved, visit our Governance page.

SSU Welcomes Enrique Ponce as incoming President!

Meet Enrique: your new President!

Enrique Ponce -  Current EVP at HMC, incoming SSU President.

Enrique Ponce - Current EVP at HMC, incoming SSU President.

Following the successful conclusion of current President - Sylvia Ibrahim's - term, Sheridan Student Union's hiring committee set out in search of a new President to lead the organization.  

This hiring committee was assembled by SSU’s Human Resources Manager and was comprised of voting members of the incoming and outgoing SSU Board, along with Associate Dean Matthew Rempel.  That committee is now happy to announce that Enrique Ponce will assume the role of Sheridan Student Union President as of May 1, 2017.

As President, Ponce will provide oversight and leadership to approximately 250 full and part-time staff, oversee an operational budget of over $4.6 million, and serve over 22,000 Sheridan students.

Enrique Ponce is very familiar with the SSU, having served the organization as Executive Vice-President (EVP) for HMC for the past two years. In addition to his role as EVP, Enrique has been very active on campus as the former Sergeant-at-Arms for Sheridan Toastmasters, and the President and Co-Founder of the Smash Stress Club at HMC. 

Enrique is a graduate of Sheridan College’s Business Administration – Marketing Program, and is currently pursuing studies in Sheridan’s Bachelor of Business Administration – Marketing Management Program.

I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Enrique for 2 years now and I am confident that he will do a tremendous job! He has a great understanding of how the SSU operates and his vision for the future puts the students first! He is also our first HMC president which is very exciting given the many upcoming & exciting changes with the campus.
— Sylvia Ibrahim

As incoming President, Enrique looks forward to the role, saying, 

The last 2 years I’ve had the chance to make a positive impact on the lives of students within the HMC community as EVP for the SSU, and now I’m really looking forward to bringing the knowledge and experiences I’ve gained into this new role to continue making positive changes for the whole student body with new, exciting initiatives and projects.

Enrique is the first-ever Hazel McCallion Campus (HMC) student to be hired as the President of Sheridan Student Union and will commence his period of authority on May 1, 2017.  We are lucky to have Enrique continue at the SSU and develop into his role as President. 

Click here to view the full press release. 

What You Need To Know About Off-Campus Rentals

If you are thinking about renting off campus or just leaving Sheridan Residence and don't know where to start, here are a few commonly asked questions you should consider: 

Q: What types of listings are offered on Places4Students?
A: Any listing posted by landlords looking to rent to students.  They vary from a room in a family's home to basement apartments, semis, townhouses, or apartment complexes.   

Q: What will happen if I skip out on my lease?
A: You will probably lose your deposit. If the deposit doesn't cover the loss, a landlord can pursue action in court.

Q: Am I responsible for my roommate?
A: You better believe it! If your roommate signed the lease, then you are responsible for their actions, as well as your own. If they skip out on you and the landlord, you're held accountable for their share of the responsibilities and rental payment.

Q: How much should I pay as the security deposit?
A: Each state/province has its own laws. Usually, a damage or security deposit can never be more than one month's rent. Ask for a written receipt, if you pay a damage deposit. In most cases, a landlord may require last month's rent, but then an additional security deposit should not be requested.

Q: What advice would you give to a first-time renter?

1.     Prior to renting off-campus, students should familiarize themselves with some of the costs and fees which are typically incurred.

2.     Before signing a lease, you should ask your potential landlord questions about fire and tenant safety.

3.     If you have roommates, you should go beyond a verbal agreement and have a signed document prepared that has all the terms and conditions of your living arrangements in writing. 

For more information download this Guide for Off Campus Housing or visit the Places4Students website

How To: Use your new Health & Dental Kiosk

Last week, Sheridan Student Union and StudentCare teamed up to bring Sheridan students a convenient kiosk at Trafalgar and Davis to help you with all your Health & Dental plan needs. 

What's the benefit? 

You can talk to someone instantly from Student Care’s Member Services Team. 

  • They can answer any specific questions about your plan or any specific coverage you are looking for
  • If you are looking for help during Change of Coverage period, you will get live instant help on how to opt-out or how to enroll a dependent/spouse.
  • Need to make a claim? Get assistance with filling out the claim form or learning about the new mobile app. 

How to use the Kiosk: 

  • Tap the box on the left side that says “Connect to a Member Services Agent now” 
  • It will then connect you via phone to a Member Services Representative from Student Care. 
  • Once connected you will have on-screen visual of the Rep and will be able to communicate through the phone, located on the left side of the kiosk. They can also provide you with visuals of the website for your review or help walk you through whatever information you are inquiring about. 
  • You can use the settings on the right side of the screen to adjust volume and to scroll when viewing the web page. 

Using the Kiosk to view the StudentCare Website:

  • Tap on the box that says “Visit” 
  • You will be brought to the StudentCare Homepage. Click on the link that says “List of Student Associations”
  • Scroll down until you find “Sheridan College (SSU)”. Please note that you cannot type the name of the school, you must scroll. 
  • You will be brought to the StudentCare website where you can look up any information coverage and claims. 
  • Please note that you cannot print claim forms or your Pay-Direct card, instead stop by your SSU office and a Customer Service Representative will be happy to provide you with what you need!  

If you have any questions about your Health & Dental Plan, stop by to chat with one of our customer service representatives at your campus SU office

Getting A Restful Sleep

Getting a Restful Sleep Webinar

Am I getting enough sleep? How much sleep do I really need?

Sleep is critical to ensure maximum productivity. It increases your ability to concentrate and focus, allows you to approach challenges with a more positive attitude, and can have positive effects on your memory and health. In this session, participants will learn about circadian rhythms and the impact that disrupting these key biological processes can have on their day-to-day activities and work. This session will also describe sleep’s vital role in maintaining health along with valuable and practical tips and strategies that participants can apply to get quality, restful sleep and stay alert.

Join us on Wednesday November 30th from 12pm to 1 pm for the “Getting a Restful Sleep” webinar! 

How to join the Webinar

  • You will need access to the internet via your PC, tablet, smartphone or laptop
  • You may need audio access through a telephone connection
  • Please reference this WebEx guide and learning participant handout more information.  

To join WebEx conference:  

  1. Click here to join the online event or copy and paste the following link to a browser:    
  2. Click “Join Now”

To join the audio conference only:

Conference ID:  6194088

Toll-Free dial in number:  1 855-453-6960
Local dial-in number:  613-244-1335
Global toll-free dial in number: 800-7284-0920

It All Adds Up

Join the Sheridan Career Centre for "It All Adds Up" , a career wellness initiative. 

  • Reflect on what you are doing for yourself, your community, your family and your friends.
  • Make the connection between everything you are doing and your future career and life goals.
  • Direct your attention towards recognizing that you are achieving your career and life goals and it is all adding up!

Come visit your peer mentors, student leaders, and Career Center on the following dates to reduce your stress and inform your future: 

 Tuesday Nov 8: HMC (Table 2 by Bookstore)
Wednesday Nov 9: Traf (Table E by Pop Machine in B-Wing)
Thursday Nov 10: Davis     (Table 3 – Atrium)


Our Spaces. Our Voice.

On Thursday September 15, 2016 the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR), an anti-abortion advocacy group, visited the Trafalgar campus without invitation to "conduct outreach" for their cause. Most recently, on Tuesday September 20, 2016 the same group attended the Davis campus unannounced.

Sheridan Student Union expressed concern surrounding these activities since the group had not been invited by the College, the SSU or any student group we’re aware of. While the Sheridan Student Union encourages free speech in all of our student spaces, we believe that external non-student groups should only address such issues respectfully in appropriate forums and only if invited by faculty, student groups or the administration.

As a result of this visit, feedback came pouring in from the Sheridan community. Students expressed that they were “shocked to hear this happened on campus”, upset by the imagery displayed by this group and questioning why such an event was allowed to take place on campus. Many students were affected by these visits, and discussions ensued about the subsequent implications this free and unfettered access could have in Sheridan spaces. 

On Wednesday, September 21, 2016, Sheridan Student Union hosted an Open Forum for the Sheridan community in our Union Square Atrium at the Trafalgar Campus to discuss these events. Approximately 90 students were in attendance to share concerns, voice their opinions and ask questions.

The forum was moderated by Sylvia Ibrahim - SSU President, Tyler Boegart - SSU Board Chair and Anders Gatten - SSU EVP, Trafalgar. Maria Lucido Bezley, Dean of Students and Christine Szustaczek - Director, Corporate Communications & External Relations of Sheridan College were also present.  

Sheridan students stood up, one by one, and shared their experiences, feelings and opinions on the subject.

Christine Szustaczek, Director of Corporate Communications & External Relations and Maria Lucido Bezley, Dean of Students at Sheridan College gave comment to many of these concerns, clarifying that Sheridan did not extend an invitation to this group. The CCBR did not ask for permission to be on campus but did so by asserting their constitutional right to protest. Any attempt to censor this group could have resulted in serious charges against Sheridan College. 

While Sheridan can prohibit classroom visits, the Sheridan Facilities Access Policy deems hallways, atriums and cafeterias as public access spaces. In response, several students questioned what, if any, restrictions could be placed on this group. Christine Szustaczek noted that Sheridan is investigating how to set reasonable limits on the use of its campus by external groups, what authority it has to specify where and when any group may visit, and what ability it has to set clear expectations of conduct for any visitors.

Some students also came forward and spoke about the importance of safeguarding freedom of expression, a few suggesting we should work with the group instead of against them. Szustaczek reaffirmed the college’s interest in balancing freedom of expression with Sheridan’s values, students’ needs and interests and people’s individual rights. 

Issues regarding communication were also addressed. Christine Szustaczek and Maria Lucido Bezley assured the students that they have personally responded to each and every email they received. They explain that while the volume of emails may have delayed receipt of this information, communication was sent to every student, all staff members and faculty prior to the group arriving on campus. It is important to note that the CCBR did not, however, inform anyone at Sheridan College of their second visit to Sheridan, at the Davis campus on September 20 and arrived without warning. 

Several students expressed concerns with regards to what the college can do to limit access to campus spaces.  This was a common concern amongst the students in attendance.

Sheridan Student Union Executive Vice President, Anders Gatten encourages “peaceful counter-protest” should this group make its way to campus again. “Use your voice! You are on campus every day. If it is a public space, you have a right to protest as well. ” 

Sheridan Student Union has taken all your feedback - from the Open Forum, through our online form and via social media - with the intention of using this to work with the college to address the issues of concern surrounding this visit, and to best explore how to address them.

Sheridan Student Union leaders have also spearheaded the #ourcampus campaign for this reason, and encourage students to let us know if you see the CCBR or any other external advocacy group on campus again. As your Student Union, we commit to notifying students through our online channels as soon as we obtain knowledge of similar visits to campus. 

Uninvited visits from external groups on campus causes a concern for the respect of our space and wellbeing on campus. Such non-student groups have sparked a lot of concern in our community, and with that, brought to light the issue of our campus as a public space. We should work together to ensure that our rights are respected.
— Sylvia Ibrahim , Sheridan Student Union President

Sheridan Student Union thanks all the students who attended our Open Forum along with Maria Lucido Bezley and Christine Szustaczek for listening to the students and giving them answers. We are proud to be part of such a passionate community and hope to continue supporting student rights on campus. 

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, we encourage students to continue to submit feedback via our online form