Upcoming Events


Welcoming Booster Juice to Trafalgar!

Booster Juice is heading to the Trafalgar campus! Starting September 9, 2019, the Sheridan community will be able to enjoy fresh smoothies, wraps, and sandwiches. Our newest food venue will be replacing Union Burrito. Read more here ➡️ http://bit.ly/2lCdoib

Sheridan announces fee-per-use shuttle in September

Sheridan College announced that a new shuttle bus service will operate between the Trafalgar and Davis Campuses, on a purely optional, fee-for-use basis come September. We encourage you to learn more here ➡️ http://bit.ly/2kuIJDt

Ancillary Fee Changes for 2019

Earlier this year, the Ontario Government announced the Student Choice Initiative, enabling students to opt out of paying certain ancillary or incidental fees which cover a range of services, including some of your favourite SSU services. To help you understand how they benefit your #SheridanLife experience, we’ve broken down how they work and what’s included here ➡️bit.ly/2LK8WsQ

SSU Welcomes Incoming President

Coming to the successful conclusion of current President - Enrique Ponce’s - term, Sheridan Student Union's hiring committee set out in search of a new President to lead the organization. We are happy to announce that Ben LeBlanc has been selected as your next SSU President! Learn more or ask him a question ➡️bit.ly/2UcsXJd

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As your Student Union, we offer a variety of services.
Check out a few of them below or visit our office and chat with us anytime.


Health and Dental

We care about the well-being of all students and we want to make sure you’re covered. Your Health and Dental plan covers gaps in government health care coverage for all domestic students at Sheridan.


Legal Advice

We offer FREE legal advice for Sheridan students. Talk to a lawyer. Our legal advice covers everything from family law, immigration, criminal law, to real estate and business.


Graduation Photos

Capture your great achievement for a lifetime of memories. Your sitting will include a minimum of 8 unique online poses which you can then view and order order.


Empower Me

Your go-to mental health and wellness service that connects you with qualified counsellors, consultants, and life coaches. Accessible 24/7 and completely confidential.


Perks Program

We're working with local businesses and retailers to get some awesome - and exclusive - perks, just for you! We’re always adding on to the list so make sure you check back often.


Equipment Loan Program

This service loans you supplies that you might need for a class such as basic items like calculators, sketch pencils, architectural tools, and program specific items like safety glasses, and lab coats.


Food First

If you ever need some help stocking up the fridge we’ve set up our Food First program to help students like you access some food and essentials when you really need it.


Safe Walk

There’s always safety in numbers and if you’re staying late on campus and would feel better having some friends come along with you, that’s what our Safewalk team is here for.


Tax Clinic

Need help filing your taxes? Our Perk Partner, Paragon Accounting and Financial Services, joins us in mid-March to provide you with an on-campus tax clinic.